Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Andy Olen!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Andy Olen!

There are any number of reasons people come in for a studio shoot. Everything from updating their LinkedIn profile pic to running for public office to updating their modeling portfolio could drive people call our studios. When they do, a whole host of questions are triggered to help us guide them to the best outcome to accomplish their goals. Some shoots only require about 10 minutes in the studio while others take up to a couple days.

Local author Andy Olen had a great reason to call us:  his new book, The Trilogy of Yes, coming out and needed new images for the book itself and all the promotion that would go with it. His needs were somewhere in the middle. He didn’t need an portfolio of images, but a few great ones with slightly different looks. He wanted a variety to choose from for different uses while still maintaining a consistent look.

When it comes to studio shoots, no job is too big or too small. It is just a matter of making the experience as smooth and fulfilling as we can. Check out our commercial website for more examples of the range of commercial work we can do.

Milwaukee Portrait PhotographerMilwaukee Portrait PhotographerMilwaukee Portrait Photographer