Event Photography: CHR Hansen

Our event photography exposes us to a wide range of industries, people and ideas. A very special company we’ve worked with a number of times is CHR Hansen. They have an incredible mission.

“Our promise is to improve food and health. We will do this by enabling the wider adoption of natural ingredients to address global challenges within food, health and agriculture. By collaborating with customers and partners to innovate products and processes, we strive to meet and create future demand for innovative natural solutions that advance food, health and productivity for the benefit of us all.”

Benefiting all of humankind? Yeah, we can get behind that.

When we get a call for event photography, part of our service is asking a number of questions to find out all the ways we can help that particular client. They may not realize that we also offer videography, on location headshots, and same/next day press images. Even if those services aren’t needed in that instance, they may come in handy at a future date.

Being at the Pfister Hotel was a perfect opportunity to create beautiful, on location headshots with class and character. With just a small amount of planning, we were able to add this to the plan without any additional stress. We got these out of the way early and from there went right into event photography.

To see more of our event photography, please check out our portfolio.

Milwaukee event photos
Milwaukee event photos
Milwaukee event photos
Milwaukee event photos
Milwaukee event photos