Headshot Photography: Founders 3 Headshots

Founders 3 is one of our favorite clients that come to us for headshot photography. They came to us like so many companies, to update their look. As we got to know them and their needs, the compatible spirit of our companies was immediately apparent. Once we got deeper into their corporate identity, it was clear why. Like us, they treat other businesses as they would their own, with direct engagement from the top down. They also provide value at every level and an unwavering commitment to the highest standards.They believe in the relentless pursuit of perfection and the value it brings to their clients, our community and themselves. These are the standards to which we strive as well.

So, it was with great enthusiasm that we hatched a plan to have the whole team into the studio to update their professional first impression. After talking through all the different looks and backgrounds, we decided set up in our cream-city brick gallery. They love the genuine Milwaukee feel of the original walls and the character it adds to their headshots.

This is a team that is growing rapidly. Now, whenever a new hire is on-boarded, part of that process is setting up a time to come and see us for their fabulous new headshot! You can see the full collection on the Founders 3 website. Notice how consistent they all look even though they were shot over many months. We are diligent about all the details to make sure we can deliver this level of consistency.

To see more of our headshot photography, please check out our portfolio!

Headshot Photography
Headshot Photography