Marcus Theatres Promo Shoot!

Marcus Theatres Promo Shoot!

We had a great time shooting these new promo photos for Marcus Theaters! We even got to source all these awesome families to participate!

Commercial photo shoot projects come in all shapes and sizes. Even this type of shoot, involving locations, props and models, sometimes only require a small amount of prep work while others require us to arrange all those details. We enjoy the role of project manager, when these types of projects come up. Knowing we have taken care of every element that goes into a photo being created is a very reassuring feeling.

This was an interesting challenge. Whenever kids are involved you have to have contingency plans in place. You never know who may not show up, who will freeze in front of a camera and who will show signs of stardom. So, we arranged for a few too many kids to know we were covered.

There were a couple big goals for the shoot:  showing Marcus Theaters as a great birthday destination and as a great option for a parent/child date. This combo required a great mix of boys and girls. We also needed to make it look like like this was all happening on different days with different people.  There were a lot of moving parts and it was fun keeping them in synch.

Milwaukee Commercial PhotographerMilwaukee Commercial PhotographerMilwaukee Commercial PhotographerMilwaukee Commercial PhotographerWe faked a movie projector light in the image below. That light is one of ours in the background.

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer

The idea of parent/child dates was a big inspiration while shooting. That was something we came up with on the spot as a possible additional concept that would translate well.

Milwaukee Commercial PhotographerMilwaukee Commercial PhotographerMilwaukee Commercial PhotographerTo see more examples of our commercial work, please check our our website. There is a very wide range of work there highlihting the the different ways our art can be applied to your commercial project.