Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Goodwill Community Impact Report – Keishla

As Milwaukee Commercial photographer, we are very proud of the work we get to do with Goodwill highlighting the great work that they do. Not everyone realizes how much of an impact they have on our community and it’s a story people should know. This is the story of Keishla, a recent transplant from Puerto Rico who is helping to streamline and guide co-workers. She isn’t a supervisor yet, but her natural leadership skills are on display in her new role. And she’s learning how to drive a forklift!

Keishla’s Story

I’m Keishla, I’m 24 years old. A year and 11 months ago I arrived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Puerto Rico, my first time in another country, with a new language which I only knew how to say “hi” and “bye”. I left my island with a lot of fear, but with a lot of desire to progress. One of the reasons why I accepted my uncle’s offer to come to Milwaukee was because in my country two years after graduating I did not get a job with any of my two bachelor’s degrees. While I was in Puerto Rico, I dedicated myself to studying Forensic Sciences and General Chemistry. In addition to that I worked at McDonalds, in a Chemistry Laboratory, I did my practice and I volunteered at the Institute of Forensic Sciences, which is a place to do autopsies.

I arrived here with nothing and with my family was far away, I felt a gigantic impotence. I quickly came to Talen Bridge to fill out the application to work on anything, because work is work wherever you are. Several days later the recruiter called me telling me that there was a vacancy for a Material Handler in E-cycle. I started as a regular employee and as of today, I am the Material Handler Lead, I co-operate the forklift, and when I am needed, I go to GE to translate as well with my work team in E-cycle. The best thing about my work is that I can be creative, and I can share my ideas. In addition, the environment in my work from management to regular employees feels awesome. Along the way, I met people who have helped me and have given me their 100% support and who are willing to share their intellect with me. My first goals in fulfilling was to rent an apartment and buy my own car, which I got working in Goodwill and in a second shift in Cermak in the grocery area, which was exactly one year. Today, I have a job at part-time at Express and I am in my second semester of ESL (English classes) at MATC in Oak Creek. I am willing to sacrifice myself for being successful and achieve my dreams and be able to influence young people of my age to believe in themselves; that the sky is the limit and that all success or failure lives in your mind. It’s only a matter of knowing how to handle every situation in your life.

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