Sometimes all you need is a basic photoshoot, executed by a professional who can take available light, a camera and their eye to create a set of imagery for you to use in basic promotions. These are great for social media updates, e-newsletters, and stock content to bolster pieces like annual reports and basic brochures.

But other times you need a professional to use lighting expertise, retouching techniques and to be able to collaborate with a marketing team or agency to complete brand-specific, project-oriented content creation that fits a specific set of standards and requirements. Sometimes you need a partner to help you overcome challenges. To overcome difficult situations and conditions to get the shot. To create an image that will be your hero shot, the face of your next big campaign. The image that steers your brand, tells a story and exemplifies your integrity and reputation in the marketplace. Well we can do all of that too. Whether your project is big or small, simple or complex, let us know and we can work with you to create custom imagery that hits your objectives.

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  • Storyboarding - Helping clients walk through the process of identifying the goals for their video, going over content and putting together a storyboard that will accomplish the objectives for their film. Whether they want to generate awareness, raise donations, increase engagement or educate on their mission, putting a storyboard together is step one to a great final product.
  • Development - Video involves a lot of moving parts. We help our clients with development, next steps and planning as the process goes on. Success of a video hinges on the critical time of planning before we ever set a shoot date. Our clients in Milwaukee and beyond appreciate the questions we ask, the pointers we give and the commitment we have to making the process easy (even for beginners).
  • Shooting - Sure, we have technical expertise and know-how with the equipment needed to get a shoot done. But that is the bare minimum you need to be a videographer. Our expertise in lighting and storytelling is where we shine in making videos. Our background in photography has taught us about lighting environments and people well. Our experience in lots of different situations informs our ability to pick out the highlights, the moments and the supporting content to narrate your story and to do it in a compelling way.
  • Editing - Another hugely important part of the storytelling process. With everything that goes into the project up to this point, it can fall apart without a team that knows how to ask the right questions about the edit and to complete the process with your input, clear communication and quality suggestions for the best cut possible.





For clients who have other things to do besides plan, coordinate and consider all the factors that go into making a shoot successful (and let's be honest, that's most people), we offer shoot production services. Basic production comes with most shoots. Mostly because we are over the moon passionate about customer service and we want to put our expertise to work for you. But, if you are planning something largescale and need extra help, we can put a dedicated producer on your team to be on-set at your shoot to handle:

• Detail Management

• Talent Coordination

• Product Organization

• Shot-List Tracking

• General help and making sure things run smoothly from start to finish






Rush projects are inevitable. Whether you need to get the word out quickly, hit a printing deadline or get someting wrapped up before a big event, our team is here to support you. With four exclusive photographers, we have lots of availability to get your shoot done when you need it done. And our full time production staff can knock it out of the park in the timeline you set. From just a few press images created and delivered same-day, to whole collection delivery in a couple days, our team will work with you to set the pace you need with our rush services. Our goal is to get you the content you need, when you need it.





Our production artists are masters at using retouching techniques to enhance the natural vibrancy found in an image to create a final work of art. For images with people, this includes skin smoothing, teeth whitening, blemish removal, hair smoothing all while keeping a natural look. (Celebrities aren't the only ones who deserve a professional to give them a little help in their pictures!) For other images, we can remove distracting items, extend backgrounds, use graphic texturing to stylize to match your branding and make other alterations to get a final image that will knock their socks off.





If you need on-camera talent for your campaign, it can be daunting to take on the task of searching, reviewing, checking availability, budgeting, negotiating and managing logistics. Preparing for a shoot internally (on top of your normal job) can be a full time undertaking. We can help by managing the talent aquistion and logistics for you. You just tell us the baseball card stats you want - the look and feel of the type of person you want for this campaign. And we will go out and find local models that fit the bill - really. They will be the type of person you need and will fall in budget. Easy peasy.





Sometimes the studio or your location isn't right for the look and feel you are going for. Sometimes finding a location to shoot in is the right way to achieve a mood for your brand images. Finding a location can eat up a lot of your time. There are a lot of considerations from availability to lighting, space, budget, timing and feasibility. Our team are experts in finding locations that work not just for your messaging but for realistic execution of a shoot on time and on budget.





We love agencies - having a team of creatives in place to steer the direction of your brand and marketing is a powerful piece in the advertising game. But we also know that a lot of our clients don't have the budget for an agency team with a dedicated art director for their shoots. So we step in to help educate your internal team on how to best run your shoot on your budget and how to get better and better at effectively setting up and running a shoot that gets you exactly the content you need. No matter where you fall on the scale, our team is here to help collaborate with you to reach your goals.





Our photography & video studio is in the Bayview neighborhood on the south side of Milwaukee. We have 5000 square feet of beautiful workspace including:

  • Full studio with amazing available light
  • Changing Room
  • Theater/Viewing Room
  • Gallery and Meeting Rooms

The space at 2637 S Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207 is available for rent for events and photo or video shoots. Please inquire at for availability and rates.

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